why student feel more comfortable on social media rather then questioning in class.

students feel more comfortable on social media because they feel that their words can be hear to more then one person and  if one person disagree with them their is possibility that another person agree with their logic. so in face to face if someone rejects you then its difficult for you to ask same thing to another person because of rejection or minority fear. social media also build bad habit of isolation from all gathering happening around us and people now days prefer to spend time more on social media rather then group gathering which cause lack of speaking skills and confidence. the fear of isolation and rejection is always present in face to face communication while on social media you have varieties of different people so this fear is not such influence in social media. people also feel discomfort in face to face by watching another person facial
expression because facial expression of anger and rejection cause another person to change his or her idea or may be he began to care more about another person mood as compare to its own topic. so in social media you are not directly viewing another person
face so you feel more comfortable to share anything on their. another reason is lack of verbal skills, people mostly forget words during talk which result embarrassment in front of others, this happen when you are not use to talk to muck publicly and prefer social media to convey your message by writing things their. so this factor is also cause issue for students to convey their talk in class as compare to social media.

The solution for this problem which i feel is to have more group conversation and less usage of social media. first step you have to do is to re engage with all your friends whom you are not meeting from a long time. it will help you to boost your confidence back and step by step you will become more social in real world as compare to virtual world


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